Innocard as time goes by.

2008 Beginning with the main group of former employees of Commtrain Card Solutions AG. Development and first installations of the terminal platforms Optimum and Artema.

2009 Launching of the solutions SwissCadeau (gift card) and SwissBonus (bonus card). Equipment of 120 members of the Thurgau Trade Association (TG Shop) with gift cards. Revolutional installations of the first chip-capable service stations for petrol companies with ConCardis as acquirer, first ep2 PostFinance auto fuel terminal installation at AVIA and Agrola. Installation of self-service kiosks with Artema terminals at McDonald’s Restaurants.

2010 Expansion of the terminal models in four segments (standalone, mobile, integrated into the cash register and automatic). Market launch of additional loyalty card solutions (SwissBonus+, SwissPrepaid). Development of the «InnKasso» solutions for fast payments or advanced payments in E-Payment (Internet payments). Installation of the Optimum terminals at the Seven Restaurants, Orinad Coiffure, Diga Möbel and many more.

2011 Beginning of the development of the Micros interface for Optimum terminals. Successful cooperation with the Leaders Club Switzerland. Well known new members like Two Spice, Carlton AG and many more. Connection with various 4 and 5 star hotels (Giardino, Président Wilson, etc.). First major Swissprepaid Bonus project at Rosaly’s in Zürich.

2012 Various major customers such as the Remimag Gastronomie AG, Marsano AG, Rosenkavalier and more others chose Innocard as a terminal provider. Introduction of the new terminal platform Ingenico.

2013 Introduction of the terminal platform Ingenico, ep2 certification of the new product line. New well-known hotel and restaurant customers (eg. Gastrag Group).

2014 Development of the new E-Payment platform «Innopay», implementation of contactless to the Ingenico platform. Development of our own ep2 based Loyalty platform. Synchronization of the 3 strategic business units.

2015 Certification of the Atos Worldline terminals «YOMANI touch XR». Development of a mobile app with NFC functionality for Innocard ep2 Loyalty products. Development of our own web portal. Winning the SBB tender as a subcontractor.

2016 Innocard supplies the Bindella group with terminals. Innocard offers Apple Pay as one of the first providers. Lidl starts the cooperation with Innocard. Innocard decides to cooperate with South East European University and opens a new location in Macedonia.

2017 Innocard and Bambora join forces – thanks to the cooperation with Bambora, Innocard can now offer the acquiring of Visa, MasterCard and Maestro under its own roof.

2018 Innocard – a Bambora Company opens its office in Austria.