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Before purchasing the terminal

How much does a terminal cost? How high are the commissions?
Since various factors affect the prices and the appropriate commissions, we can not list the prices for you. However, it depends on our services that you will be advised individually by our consultants at your place. 
Arrange a meeting with the consultant of your area. Contact us, Tel. 071 552 02 06 or write us directly through our live chat.
What do I need in order to purchase a terminal from Innocard AG – a Bambora Company?
  • Company headquarter in Switzerland 
  • Bank-/Post account in Switzerland 
  • Commercial register number and –extract (Individual enterprise without commercial register entry: AHV-Number, pictures from inside and outside of your store, website if available) 
  • ID card copy (ID or passport must be valid for at least 1 month)
    > In case of an individual enterprise the documents of the owner, in case of GmbH the documentss of the authorized person 
  • Depending on the industry, there are special options available, such as the doctors’ confirmation in case of medical center. Your adviser will be happy to inform you.
What cash register interfaces do you work with?
We are open to your desired cash register interface. We are happy to advise you personally and check our options.

After reception of terminal

You will find our user instructions in our download center in German, French and Italian. For help or information in English don't hesitat to contact us by phone +41 71 912 55 00, through our chat or contact form.
Monthly settlement -
Our online reporting tool helps you to keep track of your payments. After logging in, you can easily search for transactions, control them, valuate statistics, create bills and much more. You can easily download your monthly settlements as PDF or Excel files. 

How to log in: You have received an e-mail from Bambora asking you to activate your account and to create a new password. With your e-mail address and your new password, you can now log in to at any time. If you have not received the Bambora account activation e-mail, please contact our support at 0848 912 800 (24h). 

Here you will find detailed instructions for the online tool There we take you step by step through our online portal, as for example at downloading your monthly settlements, adding more users and much more. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our support center: oder 0848 912 800 (24h).
Daily closure
Here you can find the instructions for each type of terminal on how to make a daily closure. If you can not find your daily closure ticket or the terminal has printed a blank ticket, share this with us ( or 071 912 55 00) and we will send you a manual transactions report. You can also print the last daily closure ticket on the terminal by yourself. The instructions can be found in our download center.
Submit / cancel / correct transactions
If you notice during the settlement check that a transaction needs to be resubmitted, canceled or corrected, please send us the ticket at and we will process your transaction accordingly.
Terminal restart
You can restart your terminal by pressing the following buttons: «Corr» + « . » (Period button)
Change of location
If you change your location, we have to create a new contract. Regarding this, you can contact us at, Tel. 071 552 00 31 or write us in our live chat. If this si not included in your services package (starting from «Personality»), we will charge you a service fee of CHF 190.
Change of bank account
In order to change your bank account, you have to send us a signed letter and a copy of the new bank account opening by post to Innocard AG – a Bambora Company, Werkstrasse 1, 9500 Wil.
Change of ownership
In order to change the ownership, we have to cancel the current contract and create a new contract with the new owner. Contact us directly at, Tel. 071 552 00 31 or write us in our live chat.
Daily / weekly / monthly transactions report
You can order a daily, weekly or monthly transaction report which will be charged. Contact us for prices and further information at or 0848 912 800 (24/7).
Logo on the ticket
If you want you logo on the header of the ticket, send the logo at and we will insert it for you. If this is not included in your service package (from «Personality»), we will charge you CHF 170.
DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)
Instead of the customer’s bank, Bambora takes care of the currency conversion and can thus offer a competitive exchange rate. DCC is automatically activated on your terminal.

Damaged terminal
It can always happen that something accidentaly breaks down. If you chose a fully comprehensive innsurance coverage from us (starting from service package «Personality»), we will exchange your device immediately. With a lower service package, we can repair your device for a one-time fee of CHF 250. If your device is no longer repairable, we will charge you a new device. Contact our support for further information.
Stolen terminal
We are sorry that your terminal has been stolen. You can order a new terminal and we will send you an invoice for the new device, which you can then show to your insurance company.
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